summing up 2

The Solution Office was asked to teach during the Socially Responsive Design project The Good Life at the master program of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. The location of this year’s project was at the school itself. The design department had just moved to the new location at Seilduken bringing together all the different creative faculties (design, fine art, craft, performance and theatre) causing a quite unique social structure.

The aim of The Good Life was to investigate the relationships and facilities of this new community. Both within the institution as well as relationships with the neighborhood. The students needed to look at relational aesthetics, locate suitable places to perform a series of creative interventions and initiate design processes. In these participatory frameworks they posed and raised questions, aiming to generate stories, thoughts, ideas and answers together with the users. Delivering insights on new connections and possibilities to bring about positive change.

The main question during this week: How to invite these different groups to join in the conversation and improve their social fabric?

Each team had chosen a different location: the new canteen; the old canteen; the tower and in between spaces; and the gallery space and in between spaces. In these areas they performed active research and tried out many ways to get in touch with their users and form possible solutions together. The focus on the end result needed to shift to the process and the interactions happening here. Stimulating to enjoy experimentation, even to enjoy failing, reflecting on these mistakes and learning from them. Fail fast, learn fast(er) was a phrase they were introduced too – and quickly appreciated!

For more pictures check the blog of the bobsi team and space agency

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