workshop ESAD 2

After 4 intensive days at ESAD, I believe the goals were achieved!

On Day 1 we did some ‘warm up’ exercises in the form of brainstorming sessions (I LOVE TROUBLE) and we ended the day by dividing the group into 3 teams that each formed a Solution Office. Here they had to think about the location, target group and prepare a theme or tools that served the office.

On Day 2 we started with a short presentation of each team, discussing the Solution Offices. The nice thing was that each of them had used different strategies for problem solving: Team 1 had made a very simple display board, post-its and markers,  inviting people to share problems and solutions. In their presentation they showed ‘solution sheets’ where they had made a response for every problem.  Team 2 had a toilet to flush problems away. When ‘clients’ pressed the flush button the song Don’t worry, be happy started to play. Team 3 had made a surprise-box and several artifacts to deal with problems (a punch tool, stress relief pad, tube to see the end of the tunnel, etc). After this, the students had to solve 31 design briefs in 62 minutes, surprising themselves how much they could do in such short time. Next step was to apply randomly, the Oblique Strategies to the briefs, again in 62 minutes. We finished the day with a socio-geographic drawing, where the students had to draw a map from memory of a space or ritual combining drawings and words.

On Day 3 they received all kinds of tools to analyse and reflect on their work. We started with an elevator pitch, in which they had to describe as concise as possible, what their final project is about. They had all brought their favourite design object and make an analysis why it was good, and what the strategies and principles behind the object were. Also they had to make case studies of other designers / design work relevant to their graduation project. Next to that they made another map, this time about their graduation project.

On Day 4 we discussed the work made so far and they continued on the given assignments. Besides that they had individual tutorials with me, in which I provided them with more specific tools, references and suggestions for continuation.

All in all, the work attitude has been upgraded and smiles have been put on faces. Looking forward to see how their projects turn out!!

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