John Cleese & creativity

Fabulous talk by John Cleese –via brainpickings – explaining the process of creativity which isn’t always as pleasurable. Because, in this process we encounter moments of friction and uncomfortableness struggling with the feeling of insecurity not knowing whether we’ll succeed. We need to keep on trying and be persistent in our journey to come up with innovative answers.

It reminded me of another 5 step rule also picked up at brainpickings. A technique for producing ideas by James Web Young. Though I believe that there are many ways and processes to produce ideas, I do think these rules cover some general steps and hurdles that we experience. I was especially intrigued by the idea of the kaleidoscope:

“The process is something like that which takes place in the kaleidoscope. The kaleidoscope, as you know, is an instrument which designers sometimes use in searching for new patterns. It has little pieces of colored glass in it, and when these are viewed through a prism they reveal all sorts of geometrical designs. Every turn of its crank shifts these bits of glass into a new relationship and reveals a new pattern. The mathematical possibilities of such new combinations in the kaleidoscope are enormous, and the greater the number of pieces of glass in it the greater become the possibilities for new and striking combinations.”

Holding all these different options and possibilities into the light combining them until epiphany is there.


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