the twenty minute rule

I have been attempting to start executing an idea I have had for quite some time. It is based on a story a good friend told me a while ago.

She was on a ski-tour with some friends. They were in the middle of nowhere, nothing in sight other than mountains and snow, when suddenly they realised how extreme it was. Not only that they were in an isolated place with little phone reach, but also how to cope with physically and mentally challenging journey. They resolved to just focus on the next 20 minutes and nothing beyond that.

She told me this story when I was – once again – stressing and hurrying and not enjoying the moment. That was when I decided I should do a project about  the twenty minute rule. As a way to find focus, to find concentration and meditation perhaps. But also to engage myself into processes of making again, since I feel I have lost my craft skills. Reserving time for something that can offer entrances for imagination and nurture long lost skills (as drawing). See here result one a twenty minute walk during which I took picture of the sky. I will admit that in the moment I couldn’t see a thing through the lens, but I am quite happy with the outcome. My intention is to use another (and perhaps another and another) 20 minutes to manipulate the images. How much inspiration can you get from 20 minutes of focus? For now, it is a calming and peaceful visualisation – I think.

the sky

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