Slow Loket

As part of a slowLab research programme, I engaged my 2nd year students graphic design from AKV St Joost in a socially responsive design project on location, the Eastern Docklands in Amsterdam. Working in teams, they were spread out over 5 areas, exploring who the target group was and to initiate different ways of communication in order to reach them. In the iterative design process they had to develop prototypes for a Slow Loket: a mobile information point to capture the expertise and potential of that area. A local platform for interaction and dialogue, a place to share and exchange ideas, obstacles, opportunities, resources and more. The challenge for the students was to find the right strategies to make contact, inform, gather stories and make connections between the Lloyd Hotel –the centre of the project– and the neighbourhood. It was important that prototypes were tested to find out what worked and what didn’t. Focusing on the process and what emerged in it, using this to co-design with local residents in order to build trust and engage them.



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