Flash Back

Since we recently relocated our website here is the story of the first Solution Office!

The weather was kind, the participants were lovely and the visitors inspiring!

Main officers ( Runa & Sanneke) present! Very nice company of Kristine and later the lovely couple Kyuja & Ioannis contributed. Starting point was to bring different expectations and values together in order to create good synergy between members. It turned out to be a happy chaos, talking about the office, (personal) work and talking to passersby.

Our idea was to work with the challenge of the vanishing of the bees (bees are a very important part of the ecosystem and human life is dependent on them) and use this as a theme for discussion. Above that use this as the creation factor and think of a possible campaign /solution for this.

In the end we didn’t get to work with the theme, but had the following discussions & visitors
1. A lady asking for a good restaurant in Grünerløkka
2. Dialogue with the owner of a restaurant. He just came out of a meeting discussing problems and asked if we could propose a solution for a organizational chart – dealing with problems that occur during work-process.
3. Amnesty. An Amnesty crew of 3 was walking around and we were discussing how those strategies don’t work and thinking of ways to transform and improve. We invited the crew into the office; they presented their story-strategy and we proposed different methods based on the story.
4. William, from the organization HOPE Ofiriha for Sudan. There he is helping to build schools for girls and fighting for women’s rights and equality. The aims for his organization are word of mouth and donations. We proposed to use his cause as a theme for the following Solution Office!


After the first Solution Office we met up with one of the Visitors: William from the organization HOPE Ofiriha. We discussed how we could help him and provide long term solutions for his campaign. The aim is to accommodate promotion for Ofiriha by integrating this into the study program of Art, Design, Communication and Marketing schools as an annual project. In this way the non-profit organization is supported and the schools can participate in Social Design – engaging in a real situation and using their skills to contribute to society!

We send out a challenge to our network to provide Ofiriha some start up help with his campaign: within a couple of hours the brilliant Jeiran Shenasi replied. She will take on the challenge and donate her design skills, gain experience, boost her portfolio, and do a GREAT contribution to this organization!! Thank you Jeiran!!

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