I started a new (process) project called ‘Fount it’. It entails drawings and ideas from my sketchbook which I post here and you can also receive them (daily) in your mailbox.

In order to enjoy the qualities of drawing again and to improve them, I gave life to Fount it! I like to use drawing as a tool for solutioning, to draw myself ‘out of it’ whenever I am stuck and to surprise myself with whatever comes to the surface.

The idea to share it with an audience, came forth out of daily email exchanges, to cheer up and empower a good friend who is graduating. This image was one of the first ones in our exchange.

Still in pilot-process, but I welcome you to take a look and / or sign up for the Fount it mailing list by sending an email to info[at] with in the heading “Fount it”.

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