Problem – Performance

At the First Solution Office we met Kyuja, a performance artist, originally from Korea and now living and studying in Fredrikstad. She was very excited about the Solution Office and wanted to see if she could organize something similar in her town.

This is the story she wrote me:

I had only one try during the big market day here in old town, fredrikstad.
I approached two strangers in the market with a question ” do you have any problems to share with me?”.
I exchanged some dialogues with them and I asked them to write their problems on the white napkins.
There were some rejections, but positive responses and participation as well.

From the first try, I have developed the  following idea.

I will continue to meet strangers, proposing the same question and then I will ask them to write their problems on the napkins.
Followed by the question to sew the napkins over my body with needle and thread (or if i have a performer who can work with me, it will be her / his body).
The pieces of napkins will cover the whole body eventually, as if it is a kind of a dress with hand writing about problems.

By doing this performance in the public space, I would like to open up people, to share our big and small problems and they can be anybody’s problems at any time. So I don’t suggest some specific solutions for their problems.
Though, I believe that this performance art could share comforts and it can give another perspective to perceive the problems  they have, so they can deal with their problems by themselves in better or more positive ways by experiencing this performance art.

Kyuja would love to try this out or better, perform this in Oslo. Who would like to join her in one of the next Solution Offices?!

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