Designing playful strategies to embrace winter

“Dear Peoples,

It is still winter, hurray! At least one more month to go, so lets hurry up before it is over, we’d better enjoy it.
These next weeks, I will dedicate the drawings to Winter. How to embrace, dismantle, play, uncover, snowball or colour it. It will also be a tiny experiment, to explore whether these drawings can become more than just something to look at. Rather something that makes one reflect or that can instigate action. So sometimes these drawings will come with an assignment, which you of course are free to partake in. Or not. But if you do, please send me feedback!

This is research too, for a project I started last year together with Tabea Glahs: a design led research to develop activities and strategies that address Behaviour Change. Specifically, aiming to design playful strategies that respond to obstacles experienced during winter in urban areas.

SO, are you ready?”


This is my invitation text for my latest project, in which I try to integrate it into my daily/weekly work: making and sending out drawings. For one, because this is a self-initiated project and unpaid. Secondly, because I have been thinking about how to expand illustration and drawing into something that can have a larger impact. Meaning more than something you look at, enjoy aesthetically and perhaps moves you emotionally in a way. How you can use the thought or concept framework that is the foundation of the visual and extend it into, for instance, a tool for dealing with fear or a manual for life management or a service to overcome the challenges of winter. What I want to explore is how to use drawing as a tool and look into the different qualities it has. The process of observing, mapping, finding metaphors and analogies. And in addition working towards an outcome with a long term social impact.

You can follow the project at

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