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sannekeduijf >> overview of  work & projects

goodindeed >> MA  Design project process

knotreally a blog for collecting problems

solution-office  >>  process, observations, reflections and research

socialdesignresponse >> Socially Responsive Design (SRVD) projects, taking place around the Masters Design (MA) programme at the Oslo National Academy 0f the Arts (KHiO).

Sanneke Duijf is a ‘Socially Responsive Design’ activist, educator and researcher combining artistic ideas with profound research and a strong methodology.  She employs Socially Responsive Design to provide new contexts for contemporary social issues.
With the ‘Solution Office’ she aims to design flexible places and participatory processes, that offer a context for activation, awareness, dialogue and solutions.  She believes that design can function as a catalyst for sustainable positive change.
Sanneke Duijf teaches at the BA Graphic Design department of the Academie voor Kunst en Vormgeving St Joost in ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands and at the MA Design department of the Oslo National Academy of Arts (KHiO) in Norway.


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